From clients:

"The presence of doula Deirdre was very valuable and meant  a lot to both me and my husband. While we were at home the support of Deirdre was essential and made it possible for me to withstand some of the most difficult parts of the labour." 
"Deirdre's visits were very important in all senses; to understand the Dutch system, to relax my mind and body, to understand the different moments of pregnancy and labour. She was also very pleasant company, a sweet person and very clear when explaining things and how, when and why to make decision." 
"There is nothing compared to the experience to which Deirdre guided me. She was firm, but sweet, rational and comprehensive, strong and lovely. She offered the best guidance on the exact moments that I needed it. It is very hard to describe, but I will always remember Deirdre even I don't remember the midwife or anyone else from the hospital team."
"The birth story made by Deirdre was fantastic. It had the 'soul' of what happened during birth. Talking with her about the experience afterwards made it alive.. It was great to know our impressions matched and that she could understand and feel my experience extremely well.  I highly recommend her."
"I contacted Deirdre because I was very afraid of the idea of giving birth, especially in the hospital. Deirdre helped me face this by allowing space for everything I felt and thought, but also asking critical questions that made me explore my fears and expectations. In the endI was able to trust, let go of my anxiety and stay in the moment. I felt supported through every minute of labour, and still feel pride at my own achievement."
"In preparing to give birth Deidre did a fantastic job helping us both practically and emotionally. When we unexpectedly had to go through a medically managed delivery, which was not what we had hoped for, Deidre made all the difference. She was there for us when the doctors told us and all the way through to the birth. She worked wonderfully together with the hospital staff. Thanks to her we had a great birth experience. With her breathing and acupressure support I didn't need pain management. She also was a great support to my husband."
"I would like to thank you for the lovely support you gave to my daughter and also to me during the night my grandson was born. For me it was so lovely to be so close and you made it wonderful. Thank you very much!” 

From midwifes:

"Doula Deirdre had a pleasant and direct contact with both the mother and father-to-be. She had a beautiful orientation towards working as a team and an ability to empower the mother when the birth plan changed. "  

From clinical midwifes:

"Deirdre radiated serenity, gave good support and demonstrated excellent co-working skills."
"Fantastic Guidance! An initial wish for pain medication was not needed due to a perfect guidance."