Pregnancy Massage
Full body pregnancy massage with warm oil in the comfort of your own home. 
Duration: approx. 1 hour 15 min.
€60 (incl. btw 21%) 

Postpartum Massage
This postpartum massage treatment is traditionally offered to new mothers in Thailand for the duration of a full week, starting on the first day after delivery. It is designed to support the physical and mental recovery and relaxation of the mother after giving birth. The treatment, in which the mother is the centre of mental and physical care, consists of steam baths, massages and scrub- and wrapping treatments. This treatment is offered starting from the 3rd or the 4th day after delivery.  In the case of a cesarean delivery approx. 4 to 5 weeks after delivery. 

The full package is divided over three consequent days, during which the mother receives two treatments a day:

Day 1 & 2
The first two days include a treatment with a herbal steam bath. The herbal steam bath is designed to help restore the uterus, support the body against infection and to give a feeling of comfort and relaxation for the strained muscles after delivery, as well as physical comfort after tearing. The steam bath treatment is then followed by a massage, during which both hands and warm herbal stamps are used to treat the body along pressure points. The herbs have been selected specifically to stimulate relaxation and to counteract swelling and fluid retention.

Day 3
On the third day, after the steam treatment, you receive a body scrub and are wrapped with herbs traditionally used for recovery in the postpartum period in Thailand. The body wrapping is designed to support and nourish the skin's elasticity and to stimulate the skin’s healing after pregnancy.

It is possible to opt for just one or two days instead of the full three day treatment. Please contact me for further information. 

Duration: approx. 2 hours per session
3 Day package: 200 (incl. btw 21%) or €75 (incl. btw 21%) per day.


Mother Blessing  Ceremony
A mother centred alternative to the modern day baby shower. 

Mother Blessing's are designed to empower and offer support to the mother-to-be on her journey towards giving birth and becoming a mother. Mother Blessings shower the mother-to-be with love, attention, compassion and kindness. 

The structure of the Mother Blessing consists of various layers. These layers are compiled based on the needs, wishes and personal belief systems of the mother-to-be. At Doula Praktijk Rotterdam Zuid the basic layers include the creation of a 'safe space' both physically, as well as spiritually. This takes form as a circle into which the participating, friends & family members of the mother-to-be are invited. The mother-to-be sits central and is surrounded by her chosen 'tribe' members. Other 'layers' include shifting of energyactivities, closing the ceremony and feasting. A Mother Blessing usually lasts about three hours from start to finish. 

Mother Blessings are facilitated towards the end of the pregnancy and preferably held around 37 / 38 weeks. For more information please contact Doula Deirdre at Doula Praktijk Rotterdam Zuid.



Basic Mother Blessing package includes: 

  • Consultation with mother-to-be (approx. 1,5hrs).
  • Advice and help with hosting the ceremony.
  • Preparing, performing and facilitating the personalised ceremony.

€150 (incl. btw 21%) 


Rebozo Closing Ceremony: From six weeks post-partum onwards it is possible for the new mother to have a Rebozo Closing Ceremony, specifically designed to help 'close' the new mother energetically after pregnancy and the intense process of labor, which is both physically and psychologically a very vulnerable time for the mother 'in becoming'. As these ceremonies require two doulas to work simultaneously by the new mother's side, Doula Praktijk Rotterdam Zuid performs this service together with Doula Marlies.  

The Rebozo Closing Ceremony is performed at the comfort of your own home, or at another space where you (the mother) feels comfortable and safe and that (most preferably) has a bath tub. The ceremony consists of four different parts throughout which a specially prepared hot herbal tea helping to warm the body from the inside is consumed. Different stages of the ceremony include: creation of a safe space, allowing the mother to process the labour event & experience, a full body massage with warm oil, a ceremonial bath with a warm herbal infusion (the hot bath itself is divided into three parts of silent reflection / washing the mother / silent reflection), closing the bones with rebozo scarfs and feasting. During the 'closing of the bones' the mother is wrapped up and layed down by two doulas who then sequentially 'hug' her body together -from crown to toes- with the use of multiple rebozos. A Closing Ceremony usually lasts about three hours from start to finish. For more information please contact Doula Deirdre at Doula Praktijk Rotterdam Zuid or Doula Marlies.

All ceremonial services are custom made in consultation with the mother to facilitate her personal wishes.


 Basic Rebozo Closing Ceremony package includes the following:  

  • Pre-ceremony consultation with the mother
  • Part One: Telling your Birth Story 
  • Part Two: Full body massage with warm oil
  • Part Three: Ceremonial bath with special herbal infusion to warm and prepare the body for the Rebozo 'closing of the bones' treatment. 
  • Specially prepared herbal tea infusion to aid warming and opening up the body.
  • Part Four: Rebozo Closing Ritual
  • Closing off with tea and a small celebratory 'feast' of light food such as fruits and nuts.

The Duration of each of the 4 separate parts of the ceremony is approx. 30 minutes.

€275 (incl. btw 21%) 

Rebozo Closing Ceremonies can serve well also at other transitory key moments in ones life. When processing a loss, going through a life change, or experiencing a personal challenge, Rebozo Closing Ceremony can help you with the transition. A truly great gift for a loved one.