• Non-binding introductory meeting.

  • Two prenatal meetings (up to 2,5 hours per session) consisting of personalised support, guidance, body work and preparation for birth, equipping you (and your partner) with information and personalised practical tools to give you confidence and trust to move through this key life experience. 

  • Relaxing pregnancy massage in week 38 / 39

  • Available for you by telephone and email throughout your pregnancy and minimum up to three weeks postpartum.

  • On call for you, day & night from week 37 onwards up to week 42.

  • Continuous labour and birth support regardless of the duration and place.  

  • One postpartum visit offering you continued personalised support and a space to process your birthing experience. 

  • Photographic record of your labour and birth, discussed in advance together with you.

€850* (incl. btw 21%)


  • Additional sessions & consultations á 1,5 = €64 (incl.btw 21%)


* Travel costs are not included in the prices above and are 20 cent per km.
Otherwise, all prices are inclusive of BTW (Valued Added Tax or sales tax). I recommend you to always contact your insurance company to see what part of the costs are covered for Doula services. Payment plans are available and if finances are an issue do not hesitate to discuss possible options with me.

Insurance companies in the Netherlands that in reimburse (in part) fees for a Doula:

Salland: Reimbursement of 100 euro with the 'Plus' and 'Top' insurance packages.
HollandZorg: Reimbursement of 100 euro with the 'Plus' and 'Top' insurance packages.
ZorgDirect: Reimbursement of 100 euro with the 'Plus' and 'Top' insurance packages.

The following insurance companies reimburse costs towards a pregnancy course (offered as part of the doula service 'Package I')

Reimbursement of 200 euro with the 'Top' and 'Gezinnen' packages.
Delta Lloyd: Reimbursement of 200 euro in the extra package.
Ditzo: Reimbursement of 75% of the amount, up to a maximum of 400 euro, with the 'Zorg best' package.
OHRA: Reimbursement of 200 euro in the extra package.
Unive: Reimbursement of 75 euro with the 'Beter' package and 100 euro with the 'Best' package.

Note: Always check with your insurance company for the latest information and read all fine print carefully. The usual terms and conditions include that the doula is a member of the 'Nederlandse Beroepsvereniging van Doula's' and has a AGB code. I meet both of these conditions.