Doula Praktijk Rotterdam Zuid is an active member of The Legacy of Love Doulas

The Legacy of Love Doulas is a free doula service for single mothers, low- and no-income families, asylum seekers and others in need who are in their current circumstances unable to pay for the services of a doula. The initiative consists of volunteer doulas, both trainees and certified doulas willing to donate their time for those lacking the financial resources and social support structures to pay for the services of a doula. The Legacy of Love Doulas is a Community Involvement program initiated and run by the m/other voices foundation. Each mother-to-be will receive personalised care and attention regardless of their financial or legal status. Through their work, The Legacy of Love Doula's not only support women giving birth, but also the medical birth professionals by acting as partners and knowledgeable support systems to the birthing mother's.

For more information on how to come into contact with a Legacy of Love Doula, please write to info@mothervoices.org or deirdre@mothervoices.org 

For more information on The Legacy of Love Doula's and how to support them, see here.


" There is a huge affective, societal and political value of how we birth and are being birthed into the world. Every birthing woman should have love, support, information and choice when giving birth. Doula's serve and share their knowledge, training and wisdom through their heart. Being a Doula is a work of the heart."  -Deirdre M. Donoghue