Similarly to the tasks of the mother & baby during labour and birth, the focus areas of a doula and a midwife are different, yet interconnected. When working as a team, (together with the mother and baby) doula's and midwife's can create a birthing environment where everybody's contribution builds towards an optimal, positive and empowering birthing experience.  

Fantastic Guidance! An initial wish for pain medication was not needed due to a perfect guidance.
— clinical midwife, UMC Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis

How having a Doula as part of the birth-team can support you as a midwife:

  • Doula's are trained and knowleadgeable birth-workers, who in the ideal circumstances have already built a psychosocial profile and understanding of the mother's needs, fears and wishes and can thus prepare the mother for labour and the various situations that may rise during labour & birth.  This is all information that can greatly help you with a birthing mother.
  • The birthing mother has to go through labour & birth without a partner and you have many other mothers to attend to.  
  • Doula's can help manage the emotions in the labour room and support the partners.
  • Doula's are trained to help support the natural physiological process and progress of labour & birth.
  • Some doula's are trained to support mother's with past trauma, loss, sexual abuse etc. 
  • Doula's can act as bridges between the birth team members by helping to focus the mother, calm and give emotional and mental support.
  • Doula's can translate into Dutch!
  • Doula's can explain the Dutch system to clients.
  • Doula's might be able to offer you insights to the mother's personal history or cultural background that might help you to understand how to support the process the better.   
  • Doula's can give you a nice massage!
  • Doula's understands how important your work is and can often help to explain certain procedures to the mother & partner in very simple, non-medical terms.

If you would like to have more information on how working with a doula might benefit your practice, please contact for a free consultation.

Looking forward to meeting you,
Doula Deirdre
Doula Praktijk Rotterdam Zuid